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It is common that the two separate crimes of "assault" and "battery" are combined into one offense. If a person has attempted to violently injure someone in an unlawful manner, this is the crime of "assault". Part of this charge is that the person must have had the ability to violently injure the victim. Willfully and unlawfully using violence or force against another is legally known as "battery". In California, the penalties and fines for assault can be harsh and life changing.

Attorney Leonard Matsuk would like you to know that if you have been accused of assault, he stands ready to come to your aid and defense. His experience has shown that by retaining a hard-working Long Beach criminal defense attorney, you stand a much better chance of a successful outcome in your case. His 30 years of experience in and around Long Beach has led to his knowledge of the local court system, judges, prosecutors and courtroom personnel.

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Consequences for an Assault Conviction

Thousands of dollars in fines, community service, probation, restitution, a permanent criminal record and imprisonment for years, can all be the result of a conviction for assault. Assault charges can be combined with other offenses such as crimes involving theft or domestic violence. These can increase the penalties a person may face. If an individual has prior felony convictions, an assault charge can fall under California's three strikes law. The consequences of a third strike could be imprisonment for life. Assault with a firearm can be penalized with fines up to $10,000 and a sentence of up to 4 years in a state prison. Assault charges can, however, be successfully overcome.

Leonard Matsuk has proven his willingness to fight hard for his clients. He has tried over 200 trials before the bench and over 100 trials in front of juries. Inventive legal strategies, thorough investigation into the facts and a willingness to go the extra mile can all work in favor of his clients. Put this experience to work for you, in a time when you may need the best help available.

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