Long Beach Murder Defense Attorney

Prosecution of Murder Charges

The key part of any murder charge is that the killing was done intentionally with "malice aforethought." If you have been accused of murder, the government prosecutors must prove that you developed and had the intention to kill another person, before carrying out the act. Trials involving murder charges can be complex. There are many elements that the prosecutor is going to have to prove and the defense attorney will have to fight against. Attorney Leonard Matsuk recommends the use of a proven and skilled Long Beach criminal defense lawyer in any murder case. His experience has shown it is the best chance for success.

Facing a murder charge can adversely affect you, your loved ones and friends. Leonard Matsuk has 30 years of legal experience in the courts of Long Beach and the surrounding areas. He knows the court system, local judges, clerks and prosecutors. With the experience of over 300 trials to draw from, he will work towards the best possible outcome in your case. He knows the laws and has the proven track record that a defendant needs.

Penalties for Murder

The penalties which will result if a person is convicted of murder vary according to the circumstances of the incident. The sentence for second degree murder is imprisonment for a period of 15 years to life. Second degree murder can result in a life sentence without the possibility of parole, in certain cases. A person found guilty of first degree murder can receive a prison term of 25 years to life without the possibility of parole. In specific circumstances, first degree murder will result in a death sentence.

Murder charges can be successfully defended. A lot depends on the circumstances of the incident, the evidence and the skill and dedication of the attorney who is defending the charges. Sometimes the evidence is either insufficient of flawed. At times, the methods used to obtain evidence were improper which can be used by the defense. It is not uncommon that a murder charge can be negotiated to a lesser charge with reduced punishments. Those accused of murder deserve competent legal assistance.

Contact a Long Beach Murder Defense Attorney if you or a loved one has been charged with murder and you need experienced legal help.