Long Beach Probation Violation Lawyer

Legal Help for Your Parole or Probation Violation Case

If you have violated your parole or probation, then you could be facing a revocation of either, and substantial jail or prison time. A Long Beach criminal defense lawyer is available to provide you with legal help, by presenting your case on your behalf to a sentencing judge, and fighting for a resolution that sees you avoid having to face serious penalties.

When you are on parole or probation, there is a litany of actions you can take that are considered a violation of the terms of either. These actions include:

  • Failing to report to your probation or parole officer
  • Failing a UA (Urinary Analysis) test
  • Failing to complete any community service that a court has ordered you to fulfill
  • Failing to pay any fines or restitution that has been ordered by the court
  • Committing another crime

A probation or parole officer who believes that any of the above offenses has been committed will immediately contact a court, which will usually promptly issue a warrant for your arrest. Upon your arrest, you can be held without bail until a sentencing judge is ready to hear your case. In the event that this has happened to you, it is strongly advised that you hire an experienced lawyer who can work towards a positive solution in your case.

Probation Violation Attorney in Long Beach

Attorney Leonard Matsuk possesses over three decades of experience in representing clients in their criminal cases, and has secured successful results in many of those cases. He is available to serve clients in cases that vary from domestic violence to drug possession, and will fight diligently to see that those clients' best interests are served. Contact his offices if you have been charged with violation of your probation or parole, and he will work on your behalf in an effort to see your charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Have you been charged with the violation of your parole or probation? Contact a Long Beach Probation Violation Attorney who can provide you with representation that may help you avoid jail or prison time.