Long Beach Sentencing Hearing Lawyer

Experienced Legal Representation for Your Sentencing Hearing

A sentencing hearing or sentence reduction negotiation can have a substantial effect on the penalties you serve after being convicted of a crime. If you are facing a sentencing hearing, it is crucial that you contact a Long Beach criminal defense lawyer who can speak on your behalf at the hearing and negotiate a possible resolution that sees your penalties reduced significantly.

A sentencing hearing is held after a person has been convicted of a crime (except for those minor offenses that are considered simple infractions). The sentence issued by a judge can vary greatly depending upon a number of factors. Beyond the specifics of the offense itself, such as its severity, a judge can sentence based upon the character of the individual or the circumstances surrounding their arrest and conviction. At the hearing, both the defense and the prosecution are given the opportunity to present their case regarding the suggested sentence. An experienced attorney can increase an individual's chances of an outcome to the hearing that is wholly beneficial, by providing evidence and testimony that presents them in a favorable light.

Sentencing Hearing Attorney in Long Beach

Attorney Leonard Matsuk has provided legal service to individuals in all manner of criminal cases, including trials and sentencing hearings. In his three decades of practice, he has assisted hundreds of clients in cases ranging from DUI to serious federal charges. His goal is to acquire successful results for each and every one of his clients, no matter the specifics of their case. Contact him today if you are facing a sentencing hearing, and he will build a case that is optimized towards reaching a resolution in which your sentence is greatly reduced.

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