Long Beach Spousal Abuse Attorney

Building a Defense Against Spousal Abuse Charges

In California, an individual is prohibited by law against using physical force or the threat of it against another individual. To do so is called assault and battery. When this force is directing against a spouse, a former spouse or a domestic partner, this is spousal assault and battery. It is a form of domestic violence and carries with it harsh penalties and fines. The charges apply beyond spouses to a dating partner or a fiancé. Even when there are no visible signs of violence, a charge of battery can still be filed and prosecuted.

Unfortunately, charges can be filed which are either inaccurate or plainly false. This is where an effective and knowledgeable Long Beach criminal defense lawyer may be of great service to you. Attorney Leonard Matsuk and his staff personally handle your case and understand the life-changing consequences you may be facing. Many attorneys have never tried a case before a jury. Leonard Matsuk has tried over 300 trials in Long Beach and the surrounding area. Calll for a free case evaluation - (562) 375-4834.

Spousal Battery Lawyer in Long Beach

Due to anger, jealousy or other emotional reasons, a person may be falsely accused of spousal abuse and battery. Accusations such as these can be used as a tactic in divorce cases or child custody proceedings. An accident can be turned into a domestic violence accusation. Sometimes an individual can be arrested when they were actually acting in self-defense. With proper investigation and legal strategies, the truth about an alleged incident can be brought to light.

Consequences for Spousal Abuse or Battery

The consequences of being convicted of spousal abuse and battery can change a person's life as they currently live it. A restraining order can be placed upon a defendant, making it illegal to have any sort of contact with a spouse or child. Being convicted can result in a person not being able to have custody of their child. Jail time and community service can be imposed, even for a first offense.

Commonly, a person who is convicted of abuse will have to participate in a 52-week domestic violence offenders program. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, large fines and prison time can be given to offenders who are found guilty. With so much at stake, it is vital to retain a skilled attorney.

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