Facing a State or Federal Warrant?

Criminal Defense Attorney in Long Beach

Arrest warrants and bench warrants are orders that come from a judge or court and can be state or federal issued. They can mandate that a person be arrested and detained without delay. Attorney Leonard Matsuk has defended many individuals facing state and federal warrants, and is available to assist you in your case.

As an experienced Long Beach criminal defense attorney, Mr. Matsuk is well versed in all manners of criminal law, and can provide you with the aggressive legal help you need to increase your chances of a strong defense in your case. He will review your warrant in order to determine how best to proceed in attempting to help you avoid jail or prison.

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Outstanding Warrants for Your Arrest

In the event that you have an outstanding state or federal warrant for your arrest, it is in your best interest to seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible. A warrant may have been issued against you due to failing to comply with a court order (such as an order to appear), and can result in your immediate arrest by law enforcement officials. If the warrant is in connection with the commission of a serious crime, you could be facing severe penalties.

Do You Have a Warrant Out for Your Arrest?

State and federal warrants can result in severe consequences. An arrest warrant will have the obvious consequence of your immediate arrest. Bench warrants can also include arrest, as well as these possible consequences:

  • Drivers' license suspension by the DMV
  • Denying of bail if you have failed to appear in court on multiple occasions
  • Lengthy jail sentences

An attorney can provide you with a strong chance of avoiding these penalties, by seeking to have the warrant cancelled, or fighting for a reasonable bail in your case.

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