First-Time DUI in Long Beach

Long Beach DUI Attorney Protecting Drivers' Rights

Facing DUI charges—or charges for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol—can be very stressful, especially if you are facing such charges for the first time. When individuals are arrested and charged with alleged DUI, they end up being placed at risk of penalties such as driver's license suspension, expensive fines and even incarceration. First-time offenders tend to have better chances of avoiding conviction or receiving alternative sentencing, such as probation and the requirement to participate in rehabilitative programs. However, just because a person is being charged with DUI for the first time, this does not mean the offender will automatically get off easy. There are various aggravated factors that can lead to more severe sentencing.

At the Law Office of Leonard Matsuk, our Long Beach criminal defense attorney can provide you with step-by-step guidance and aggressive defense as you face your first-time DUI charges. Attorney Leonard Matsuk is highly knowledgeable of the DUI system and how to effectively challenge these types of charges.

California Penalties for First-Time DUI Convictions

According to California Vehicle Code §23536, a first conviction for DUI in the state of California can lead to the following penalties:

  • 96 hours to 6 months in county jail (at least 48 hours continuous)
  • Possible probation (usually instead of full jail term)
  • Fine of $390 to $1,000, plus penalty assessment
  • 6-month driver's license suspension
  • Required completion of DUI program and/or other programs

There are certain factors that can potentially lead to harsher penalties, such as the injury of others as a result of the DUI offense. The best step you can take after being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence is to retain the services of a DUI defense lawyer you can trust. A strong attorney will be able to closely analyze the details of the case and determine which defense will best benefit you.

When you bring your DUI case to our firm, we can work to use your clean record to your benefit. Contact the Law Office of Leonard Matsuk so that you can receive legal support from a highly experienced Long Beach DUI attorney!