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  • I would want someone too to make an effort this great on my behalf...
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    “It's an impressive presentation and very good legal work...I would want someone too to make an effort this great on my behalf...”


  • I would recommend him to my family and closest friends.
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    “My case was a complex felony case. Mr. Matsuk quickly learned all the facts and was well versed in the law. He spent quality time with me and seemed to genuinely care about me and my outcome. He had quality advice and insight based on his many years of experience. He got me the very best outcome. I am very satisfied with his services and representation and would highly recommend him to anyone - including my closest friends and family.”


  • Thank you Mr. Matsuk
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    “I would highly recommend Mr. Matsuk and his very capable staff Lisa and Sue for needed legal services. Mr. Matsuk clearly explained all aspects of my case with truth and understanding. The results were positive and my experience was the same. Thank you sir.”


  • One of the best lawyers in California!
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    “An awesome, exceptional and focused attorney that will work for a fair and equitable outcome for his client. Our family will always trust Mr. Matsuk in representing our family's interest in All legal matters. He kept our son from going to prison for seven years. He got sentenced reduced to one year in Los Angeles County Jail.”

    Former Client

  • Satisfied client!
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    “I was referred to Leonard by an attorney who I work with and I have to say I'm glad she sent me to him. I had some stuff that needed to be taken cared of and with Leonard it was no bull. These issues were from years ago that I ignored (traffic, FTA and FTP) which led to suspension of my drivers license and a bench warrant. He doesn't beat around the bush, straight forward and gets the job done with great results for my cases. Yes, cases. After court I was definitely pleased with the results I got with Mr. Matsuk representing me. I would definitely recommend Leonard if you need an attorney. Thank you Mr. Matsuk, I've already given your business contact to a couple of people already.”


  • Call Mr. Matsuk
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    “Great lawyer! I waited to long to take care of an issue. Mr. Matsuk came in years later and was very helpful in resolving my legal problems. I strongly recommend him!”

    Former Client

  • Gets the job done!
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    “I hired Mr. Matsuk after a previous lawyer failed to follow through on what he promised to do. Police had confiscated some of my personal property during a search of my home; the search (and the charges that followed) had nothing to do with me but with a family member living in my home. The attorney that I had hired to represent that family member assured me that he would file an order for the police to release my property. He also assured me that he would work on the case and fight for my family member. None of the above happened, and when all was said and done, the attorney disappeared; he stopped answering my calls, and I was left with no computer (among other things). I called Mr. Matsuk's office out of desperation, and honestly, I didn't have much faith that he would be any different from the last attorney. But I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, his assistant is extremely professional and polite; she was sympathetic and just put me at ease. And Mr. Matsuk returned my call the very same day (Imagine that!). He was equally professional and polite. Most importantly, he did exactly what he said he was going to do in the time he promised to do it. Within two weeks, I had my stuff back. Frankly, I am surprised that Mr. Matsuk doesn't have more reviews on Avvo. Don't be swayed by glowing reviews of young hot shot attorneys who talk a good talk but don't do much of anything else. I have a feeling most of these attorneys are just fine if you're being charged with a DUI, but have no idea what to do when their client is facing more serious charges. Anyway, Leonard Matsuk is the real deal. If you want someone who actually does what he says he's going to do without making you feel like you're lucky to be blessed with his representation, call him. Perhaps you (or your loved one) might feel like you have a chance at a defense and won't end up just surrendering and going to prison.”

    Former Client

  • Wonderful outcome
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    “Mr Matsuk is the best in a difficult situation. He answers messages and concerns quickly. He really works for your best interests. We had a the best outcome from a tense situation. Thankfully it is over. I would highly recommend him.”

    Former Client

  • The best out there!
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    “First and foremost, I would like to thank you Mr. Matsuk for the outstanding job you did for me! I had a pretty complicated and serious case. I was out of the country and had a warrant issued for my arrest. All I could think about was being arrested in a foreign country and unable to ever return to my home country again. I called Mr. Matsuk for help. He eased my mind with the first phone conversation. Not only did Mr. Matsuk have the warrant removed almost immediately, he also had all charges dismissed in the case. I was extremely pleased with the communication and speed of the whole process. With me being out of the country I was sure it would be a very time consuming and “different” case. Mr. Matsuk knows what he is doing and did it perfect for me without any hiccups. A couple of months after I thought the situation was cleared up I was contacted by Mr. Matsuk with an email that said he had good news for me. I could not even guess what kind of news this could be. Mr. Matsuk went above and beyond anything I could ever imagine and had stepped up to the plate without my knowledge to have my situation removed forever. I am once again a freeman without worries and all thanks to my new best friend :-) in Long Beach. Thank you with all my heart!”

    Former Client

  • We can't Thank Leonard enough!
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    “My brother had found himself in the middle of a very high profile case with the prosecution using this case as an example to other similar businesses. After an attorney friend of ours referred us to Leonard he went to work on this very difficult, complicated case. He put many hours and energy into our case, which we are so grateful for. At the end of this long stressful time for my family, Leonard used his amazing negotiating skills with the District Attorney for a very favorable outcome. Every step of the way Leonard has been compassionate and understanding to my family and he is truly skilled and a true credit to his profession. We can't thank Leonard enough!”


  • I would refer anyone to Mr. Matsuk.
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    “Mr. Matsuk is the go to attorney for criminal cases in Long Beach. He has great relations with the judges and prosecutors. He is able to present your point of view in as positive a light as possible and get you the best result. He has the experience and expertise to give you the best advise and he doesn't waste you money. I would refer anyone to Mr. Matsuk.”


  • He is indeed one of a kind!
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    “Mr. Matsuk is an extremely able attorney. He helped me reduce the misdemeanor charges against me to "disturbing the peace" through persistence, perseverance, and considerable legal acumen. He left no stone unturned by intervening with the head prosecutor in the case, which improved my situation immensely. I would unequivocally recommend Mr. Matsuk to anyone needing an extremely conscientious, compassionate attorney to defend them. He is indeed one of a kind! Thanks to Mr. Matsuk, a gigantic load has been lifted off of my shoulders! Len is a gem in the criminal justice system! Thanks a million for all your expertise!!”


  • I can say thankful the issue was resolved with the BEST possible outcome.
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    “I would recommend to anyone - without reservation - the services of Mr. Matsuk's Law Offices. Going into detail isn't necessary. However, I will say that a close friend and I found ourselves in a very stressful legal situation. This happened quite unexpectedly. All I could think to do was to call an attorney. I picked Mr. Matsuk because of the other positive Yelp reviews. From the first phone call his office was immediately helpful, responsive and kind. I spoke with Sue (his receptionist), who immediately put my at ease. Within moments I was speaking with Mr. Matsuk. It was clear that he knew what he was talking about. He asked all the right questions and provided me with straight-forward information. Even though this was late on a Friday afternoon, and I had called out of the blue, he made himself available. I went directly to his office. Sue was so kind and helpful. Mr. Matsuk began to work with me right away to take all necessary action to resolve the issue. It didn't take a law degree or any past experience to see that he is VERY good at his job. Again, he was extremely thorough, direct, informative and accommodating during what was a stressful time. I can say thankful the issue was resolved with the BEST possible outcome. Thank you so much, Mr. Matsuk and Sue.”


  • 5 stars for the whole staff.
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    “Others have stated it better. 5 stars for the whole staff. (Sue is great.)”


  • Thank you Leonard Matsuk. You ROCK!
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    “Leonard Matsuk is an absolutely an amazing lawyer. I owe him so much.When I can to Leonard I had pretty much lost everything and was very hopeless and scared.Leonard worked on my case and worked his amazing magic and got me life back and more..In my eyes I couldn't ask for any other lawyer.He intimidated me at first but in the end hes a very smart man who knows what hes doing..I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM...I plan on never getting in trouble again but if by any small chance I did I would use Leonard again in a heartbeat!!! Thank you Leonard Matsuk. You ROCK.”


  • His expertise is best seen in the courtroom.
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    “I would definitely use him again. He helped with two serious charges and both times got a reducedsentence that was so favorable it was unheard of by the prosecutor and judge. Even bailiffs were shocked. His expertise is best seen in the courtroom. Bellflower state court. A grumpy stone faced a-hole judge sentenced a woman representing herself to jail for a traffic ticket. Then my turn. Len had some sort of magical potion in the air. The judge'sface melted from stone to butter. He smiled and acquiesced to Len's request for an OR with no finesor penalties, and even asked if there was more he could do? Incredible. Federal Santa Ana court the prosecutor admitted she had never recommended such a light sentence considering all the aggravating factors. Len isn't cheap, however. He also is not very aggressive on the front end in terms of trying to dismiss a case or debunk errors/lies from the prosecutor. But he is excellent on the back end with judges and negotiating with prosecutors. The bottom line is he did his job exceptionally well. If you know you want to fight and probably go to trial and have the cash,this is the guy. He is most well known in Long Beach but has been in practice for over 30 years and knows people everywhere. He can help in a big way. His secretary Sue is awesome and reliable as well. She helps get the job done accurately and with a pleasant, compassionate nature.”


  • I would highly recommend Mr. Matsuk.
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    “I would highly recommend Mr. Matsuk. My son ran into a legal problem that could have followed him for the next 10+ years and affected his life in a very negative way. Mr. Matsuk was knowledgeable, accessible, straight forward and kind. I would use him again in a heart beat if needed...but hopefully not :) Thanks Sue and Mr. Matsuk.”


  • I highly recommend Mr. Matsuk for any complicated issue.
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    “I highly recommend Mr. Matsuk for any complicated issue. He makes himself available and follows up with messages left quickly. He helped my family in a difficult matter, argued our points well and helped guide us to what was a successful outcome. Hopefully I won't need his services in the future but would highly recommend him to those who do.”


  • Very fast and was kept updated step by step through the processes.
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    “Leonard A. Matsuk helped me with my case to expunge my misdemeanor. He worked very quickly and in a matter of a couple of weeks my expungement was approved. I can move on and leave my troubles behind me. Very fast and was kept updated step by step through the processes.”


  • I hope you help change the lives of many more young men
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    “Leonard, it’s been quite a few years since we found ourselves at the courthouse on Ocean, but I want to say thank you for all you did. 12 years ago, I was an angry kid who didn’t understand the power of his words or the anger and frustration holed up inside him. I remember, while being held the day I was arrested, a woman at the counter of the station arguing with someone on the other end of the phone line. When she hung up she said, “The kid’s lawyer… the white one.” Immediately after, the kid next to me, who had been planning his weekend stay at LP, turned and said to me, “Your parents got you a lawyer. You’re going to be in really good hands. They love you enough to not leave you with a public defender like mine.” He couldn’t have been more right. You helped give me a second chance and I’ve run with it ever since. I’m sure you get things like this all the time, but I can’t thank you enough for helping me. May 1st of 2002 I could never have dreamed to have ever come this far. You sat next to me that day at the big oak table in front of Judge Tucker and argued on my behalf. You made the investment and I hope this return can make you proud. Thank you again and I hope you help change the lives of many more young men.”


  • I will always be grateful for Leonard Matsuk
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    “I cannot say enough about the outstanding job that Leonard Matsuk did for my son, C. C. as we once again battled the Courts of California because C. is addicted to crack cocaine and has had an addiction problem for 26 years. Leonard was the only attorney (we have had 3) who recognized that what C. needed was long-term rehab instead of another defense that would prevent incarceration, but would not help solve a 26-year dilemma. Through Leonard's brilliant work, he was able to convince the judges and the Courts that C. needed to be put into the Impact Program out of Pasadena. He was able to convince both the Long Beach Courts as well as the Los Angeles Drug Court. Leonard's keen mind and his knowledge of the Court system in California as well as insight that can only come after years of being a defense attorney created the successful outcome that we had. Both C. and I will always be grateful for Leonard Matsuk and the amazing solutions that he came up with.”


  • You have been amazing through this process
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    “Thank you for all you have done on R's behalf. We truly appreciate you and your staff. You have been amazing through this process; you have taken the time to speak with us and alleviate R.'s fears. I have worked with attorneys in the past, and you are truly unique. Thank you for your time and talents.”


  • Words cannot explain how grateful I am
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    “I would like to say how appreciative I am for the time and effort you put into this felony case I was facing. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for the amazing outcome. Sorry if it was hard to work with me because I was hard headed..but you understood what I was facing and the consequences of my actions were hard for me to fathom...causing me to be stubborn and upset at times. I want to thank you for every thing you did for me and for your patience with me. I wrote this letter to say how much I appreciate your care and concern. Thank you again very much-- I owe you my life and I owe you a beer!”


  • He can help in a big way
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    “I would definitely use Len again. He helped with two serious charges and both times got a reduced sentence that was so favorable it was unheard of by the prosecutor and judge. Even bailiffs were shocked. His expertise is best seen in the courtroom. The bottom line is he did his job exceptionally well. He is most well known in Long Beach but has been in practice for over 30 years and knows people everywhere. He can help in a big way. His secretary Sue is awesome and reliable as well. She helps get the job done accurately and with a pleasant, compassionate nature.”


  • Truly the best Attorney
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    “My brother had found himself in a very complex, difficult, case and it was crucial that we found the best attorney. We found that attorney with Leonard Matsuk. He went to work right away and after a long stressful case he used his awesome negotiating skills with the Distect Attorney with a very favorable outcome. Leonard was very compassionate and understanding toward my family and we are all very grateful for what he has done to help my brother, he is truly the best!!!”


  • Thanks for a job well done.
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    “I retained Leonard Matsuk to handle a challenging case for my Godson. He had been convicted in the past when he was 18 y/o and was advised to plead no contest by his then public defender. The public defender met with my Godson for all of a few minutes as they were preparing to appear before the judge. This misdemeanor conviction had some serious immigration liabilities for my Godson. The only way to remove this conviction was to put a motion before the Judge to get the original conviction overturned or dismissed by the court. Leonard explained that there would be several roadblocks to overcome in a case like this. Generally, prosecutors and Judges do not like to go back and dismiss a conviction. So knowing it would be a challenge I believed Leonard would do his best. And he did, with Leonard’s legal knowledge and strategy along with all the good and positive contributions documented about my Godson giving back to our community. The motion was put together by Leonard. In the end, Leonard presented the motion to dismiss to the Lead Prosecutor and they did not block it. I was in the court last week when Leonard Matsuk addressed the motion before the judge, he answered the judge’s questions. The prosecutor advised the judge they were not blocking the motion. And the court room challenge was over, the judge overturned or vacated the original conviction thanks to Leonard Matsuk and his legal skills and knowledge. So here is my perspective on this case, and of Leonard’s work. Leonard was honest and upfront from the beginning about this case. He explained to us the challenges involved and the slim possibility of success with this matter. However always pleasant and in a down to earth manner, Leonard answered our concerns, he was available by phone and email. So I extend my gratitude to Leonard Matsuk for a job well done. I highly recommend his legal services, he is a good person! Oh and Sue who is his Legal Assistant is awesome too! Thank you, both.”


  • Leonard Matsuk is an honest and conscientious criminal defense attorney
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    “Leonard Matsuk is an honest and conscientious criminal defense attorney. He handled the case for me in a very timely manner, was great about communicating with me, and gave me excellent advice that lead to a positive outcome. Additionally, he let me know that he did not use all of the retainer that I provided so he gave me a refund. I would highly recommend him.”

    Former Client

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