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Drug Possession in Long Beach

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The Law Office of Leonard Matsuk has a highly experienced Long Beach criminal defense attorney who handles cases that involve various types of drug cases. Some of the most common types of drug cases are those involving unlawful drug possession. In order for a person to possess a drug, he or she must have control over it—either physically or by other means.

Drug possession crimes can involve powerful narcotics such as cocaine and heroin, they can involve less potent drugs such as marijuana, and they can even involve prescription drugs.

Basically, possession of a drug is a crime when an individual does not have legal authorization to possess the substance, such as through a legal prescription or through a professional position that allows the person to handle the drugs. Individuals can either be charged for possession (when the drugs are intended for personal use) and possession for sale.

Have you been accused of illegally possessing drugs in the Long Beach, California area?

If so, you should be starting on your defense plan as soon as possible. At our criminal defense law firm, we are highly dedicated to helping his client reach positive result in their cases, whether that involves completely avoiding a conviction or getting a drug treatment for the client instead of jail time. We encourage you to consult with our seasoned lawyer, who has been representing individuals in and around Long Beach for more than 40 years.

Types of Possession

Drug possession can take different forms. One form is "actual possession," which involves a person having physical control over something. In terms of drug possession, this would involve an individual having drugs directly on his or her person, such as in a pocket, in one's hand, in one's purse, in one's wallet, etc.

Another form of possession is "constructive possession," in which something is in a place the person has control or ownership over. The individuals must have knowledge that the object is in this location. For drug possession offenses, this might involve drugs being in a vehicle, home, safe, or some other place over which a person has control.

There are a number of reasons that individuals can be wrongfully charged with drug possession. Here are just a few of those reasons:

  • The defendant was not aware of the drugs' presence on his or her person or property.
  • The defendant does not actually have control over the place where the drugs were found.
  • The defendant has a legal prescription for the drugs.
  • The drugs were obtained through illegal search and seizure by officers.

Aggressively Advocating for Our Clients

Drug possession convictions can result in damaging penalties, such as possible imprisonment and expensive fines. The types of penalties that can be applied depend on the specific details of the case, such as the type of drug possessed, the amount of the drug possessed, the defendant's criminal background, etc. We know that these types of penalties can seriously interfere with people's lives, so we work diligently to protect our clients' rights and futures in their cases.

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