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Case Results

  • Informal Probation Client Accused of Attempting to Carry a Gun on an Aircraft
    Client had forgotten to remove his loaded weapon from his luggage at a local airport, and faced federal and state charges of attempting to carry a concealed weapon on an aircraft. l negotiated with the prosecutor's office and federal officers, and the client received informal probation.
  • No Jail Time or Probation Client Arrested for Fraud in Federal Sting Operation
    Client, a professional real estate broker, was charged with fraud and misrepresentation in a federal sting operation. I negotiated a plea with the U.S. Attorneys resulting in no jail time, probation, and restoration of his professional license.
  • Charges Reduced Client Charged in Federal Court with Multiple Counts of Drug Sales
    Client charged in Federal court with multiple counts of sales of mislabeled controlled substances and sales of nitrous oxide. Following on-going negotiations with the United States Attorney's Office, charges reduced to a single misdemeanor and client placed on one year formal probation. No time in custody.
  • No Time in Custody & No Probation Client Charged with Conspiring to Sell Marijuana
    Client charged in U.S. District Court per Federal indictment with multiple counts of maintaining premises for drug sales and conspiracy to sell large quantity of Marijuana. Multiple negotiations with the FBI and United States Attorney's Office. Client admitted one felony count and all remaining charges dismissed. Client was only one of 17 defendants to receive no time in custody, no supervised release (probation) and no fine. All remaining defendants received substantial time in prison and probation. (Primary defendant received over 30 years in prison).
  • Not Guilty Client Charged with Robbery After Police Chase
    28-year-old male client was charged with strong arm robbery with multiple witnesses after a police chase, involving a SWAT team and a police helicopter. I tried the case to a jury, which found him not guilty.
  • Case Dismissed Client Charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon
    27-year-old machinist client was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, discharging a firearm and threatening to kill his former girlfriend. Prior to jury selection, the case was dismissed.
  • Not Guilty Client Accused of Assaulting a Victim Inside Their Home
    Client charged with assault and battery inside the residence of "victim." Following jury trial client found not guilty.
  • Charges Dismissed Client Charged with Child Endangerment
    Client charged with child endangerment and child battery in state court. All charges dismissed in return for admission of probable cause to arrest and no prosecution.
  • Charges Dismissed Client Charged with Battery on a Police Officer
    Client charged with battery on a police officer and causing major damage to police vehicle while under the influence. After negotiating with the prosecutors, all charges dismissed and client not convicted.
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