Frequently Asked Questions

Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

Do I need an attorney in my criminal case?

This question is best answered by relying on your instincts. If you believe that retaining an attorney would be beneficial in your case, then you are probably right. Some of the primary reasons for seeking legal representation include:

  • Being arrested for a criminal offense
  • Being officially charged with a crime in a court of law
  • Being investigated for a crime

If I am guilty of the crime I have been charged with, can I still plead not guilty?

It is not morally or ethically wrong to plead not guilty if you are actually guilty of a crime. From a legal, technical perspective, a not guilty plea is simply a way for you to question the strength of the prosecution's case. You are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and the onus is on the opposition to provide that proof. If they cannot, then a favorable outcome in your case is deserved. You may have a stronger chance of a successful result if your case goes to trial, and that will only occur if you enter a not guilty plea. It is advised that you contact a Long Beach criminal defense attorney to enter that plea on your behalf, and provide a defense that will directly challenge the case of the prosecution.

What will happen in the event that I am convicted?

In most criminal defense cases, the following options may be available to you if you have been convicted of the charges against you:

  • Withdrawal of your guilty plea or a motion for a new trial - both of these options attempt to set aside the conviction for the possibility of a new outcome.
  • Appeal - appeals are granted on a case-by-case basis, after an examination has been made into their possible merit (or lack thereof).
  • Expungement - Once you have completed your probation, you may be able to request an expungement, or removal, of your criminal conviction from a court.
  • Modification of sentence - In certain cases, you may be able to return to the sentencing judge in your case and request a modification of the terms or conditions of your sentence.

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